Workshops & Short Stories

Fruitful Labor Series Workshops

  • Even at Work, Live His Love (A Spiritual Check-up)
  • Let There Be No Strife Between Me and You (You Can Forgive)
  • Seed-Bearing Leaders (Succession Planning)
  • Time Is Winding Up (Spending Time Fruitfully)
  • Single, But Not Alone (Singleness in Christ)

Towing My Mother`s Row – Short Story

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and I was her primary caregiver. This short story depicts my experiences providing her care, while remaining committed to a full-time job.  It’s a collection of nine scenes that depicts my experiences caring for my mom as she battled with Alzheimer’s Disease.  I hope that your life is enriched by my story!

I’m Taking It on In – Short Story 

Frequently our family would travel back to my parent’s small hometown for summer vacations, celebrations, or funerals; as my dad became tired of the drive he would say to us “I’m taking it on in”!  What “taking it on in” means is that there will be no more stops until we reach our final destination.  These are a collection of life lessons my dad shared with me before he reached his final destination of heaven!