Meet Live His Love

Our Mission

Conducting Christian-based workshops to remind Christians to Live His Love!

Our Vision

Being the Light needed (in a spiritually dark world)!

Our Values

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control (Galatians 5:22-23a)

What is Live His Love?

I’m frequently asked, “what is Live His Love”?  I can best answer that question with a question. Have you ever watched Christian television and viewed the hundreds of thousands of people that attend church and ask yourself, “why isn’t the world better as a result of so many Christians”?  (“Why isn’t my work life better, my community better, my home life better”?)  I believe the answer lies within us, if we choose to Live His Love (live the love of Jesus); we can move beyond simply attending church and live the love of Jesus…Live His Love!

Live His Love is a Christian-based Training Company, conducting workshops to remind Christians to Live His Love…be the Light needed!

Fruitful Labor Series (focused on producing Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:22-23a):


  • Even at Work, Live His Love (A Spiritual Check-up)
  • Let There Be No Strife Between Me and You (You Can Forgive)
  • Time is Winding Up (Spending Time Fruitfully)
  • Seed-Bearing Leaders (Succession Planning)
  • Single, But Not Alone (Singleness in Christ)

Speaking Engagements (Customized to Meet Your Needs)


  • Towing My Mother’s Row (Me and My Mom’s Journey Through Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • I’m Taking It On In (My Dad’s Life Lessons…Shared With Me)

About Our Steward

By profession I am a Trainer, employed to conduct training programs such as Customer Service, Leadership Skills and Conflict Management. One of the lowest points in my career occurred on October 11, 2011; that was the day I was fired as a Trainer. I read somewhere that when you say “yes” to something, by default you are saying “no” to something else. I said “yes” to being my mom’s primary caregiver as she battled through Alzheimer’s Disease during the last three years of her life, as a result by default I said “no” to working extensive hours. I said “no” to team-building activities outside of working hours. I said “no” to consistently giving up my lunch hour for work. And although difficult, I had to accept the consequences of my default “no’s”! As I prayed for next steps for my life, never could I have ever imagined that God was planning to birth a company through me called “Live His Love”!

Through Live His Love (LHL), I conduct Christian-based Workshops (for the targeted audience of churches and organizations hosting Christian-based conferences) that address working, community and home environment concerns. My primary reference to address concerns such as conflict, meeting multiple schedule demands and leading successfully with direction and vision is the Bible and I design and deliver my workshops, speaking engagements and storytelling from this Christian perspective. You may be asking “Why are such workshops needed?”  I believe as Christians, we ensure that our spiritual Light is on when we attend church services, but often times we fail to keep our spiritual Lights on at work, within our communities and at home!

I don’t consider myself to be the Owner of LHL; God owns it, but he has granted me Stewardship over it!  This is a huge walk of faith for me, but I believe that as Christians we are missing the mark on the impact we are supposed to have within our working, community and home environments.  For clarity, I am not saying that we need to preach and quote scriptures in the working environment, in the community or at home to impact the lives of those we are around, but I am saying that we must strive at being the Light needed in these environment.

To receive a quote for workshops, speaking engagements or storytelling either:

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  •  call or text via:  404-431-5315
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